2019 Meet Schedule

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Sat. June 8 - Hershey
Sat. June 15 - no meet
Sat. June 22 - Devon Crest (Colonial Park)
Sat. June 29 - Hummelstown (crossover meet with "B" Division team) 
Sat. July 6 - no meet
Sat. July 13 - Willowood (Elizabethtown)

Sat. July 20 - Divisionals
(swimmers must participate in at least 2 of the 4 dual meets to swim at Divisionals)
Sun. July 21 - All-Stars
(swimmers who swim at All-Stars MUST also be able to swim at Mid-Caps if they qualify, relays included)
Sat. July 27 - Mid-Caps

Wednesday, July 24 - End of Season team party/awards



Invitational meets are optional meets held throughout the year and differ from dual meets in several ways.  First of all, they include a number of teams.  Secondly, the swimmers get to choose which individual events they want to swim.  Finally, they all charge a small entry fee per event entered (usually around $2.50-$3.50 per event).  While they are not required, we strongly encourage swimmers to attend one or more invitationals.  They can be beneficial in many ways:  allowing swimmers to try new events, improve their times, and earn ribbons and trophies for themselves and the team.  The Devon Crest meet is highly recommended for novices (summer-only swimmers) as it gives them a chance to have their own meet without year-round swimmers.  Finally, invitationals can be a lot of fun and the experience gained can help swimmers feel more comfortable at the championship meets at the end of the season.  One or more Heatherfield coaches will be present at the meets unless otherwise noted.


Middletown 10&U Meet: 

1. Middletown 10&U meet - 
This meet is for swimmers age 10 and younger ONLY.  One advantage of this meet is that swimmers only compete against their exact age - instead of 8&U and 10&U, events are 6&U, 7 year old, 8, 9, 10.    So it's especially good for 6, 7, and 9 year olds.
Who? - Swimmers 10 and younger only.  This meet is recommended for most young swimmers, with the possible exception of those who are new to competitive swimming.  If this is your swimmer's first year on a team and you are interested in this meet, please contact me after the Hershey meet on Saturday and I will let you know if I think they are ready for this meet.  For those who aren't ready to swim this Saturday, I would advise against signing up for this meet......there will other invitational opportunities later.
How to register: Go to this Google Doc, find your swimmers' name (listed by gender and age group), and type in the events you want to swim.
Cost: $2.50 per event.  Swimmers may enter up to 4 individual events (plus 1 relay if we have enough swimmers).   Soon there will be file boxes at the pool - you can pay by placing the money in the "Posavec" folder in an envelope with your swimmer(s) name on it and "Middletown meet"

2. Hummelstown Relay meet - 
This meet has no individual events - it is all relays!  That makes it a fun and unique meet.
  This meet is open to all ages.  HOWEVER, since many of the relays are stroke specific, it is best for swimmers who can swim breaststroke and/or butterfly, so in general I don't recommend this for first-time/beginner swimmers.  If you are unsure, please contact me and I'll let you know if I think this would be a good meet for your swimmer(s).
How to register: Go to this Google Doc, find your swimmers' age group, and enter their name.  Then I will put the relays together.  I will try to include everyone who wants to swim, but since it's all relays, we need a certain number of swimmers per age group for it to work.

Cost: $2.50 per swimmer per relay.  For most swimmers, the cost will be between $7.50 and $12.50.  After I put the relays together, I will tell you how much money you owe, which you can pay by placing the money in the "Posavec" folder in the file boxes at the pool in an envelope with your swimmer(s) name on it and "Relay meet"
3. For those who are new to swimming, and those who didn't swim this past winter, one future meet I highly recommend is the Novice Meet .  That meet is for novice/summer swimmers only, is a lot of fun, and gives those swimmers more of a chance to shine.  More info on this meet later.


Devon Crest Novice Meet: 
                                        Entry Deadline: 
                                        Fee: $3.00 per event
(limit 3 indiv events and one relay)
                                        Events: same as regular meets, except no 100 free
                                        Start time is usually 5:30pm
                                        usually ends around 9pm


Novice swimmers will include:
1- A swimmer that does not participate on any winter swim team (summer swimmer only); OR

2-A swimmer that participates on a non-competitive team during the winter, as long as that swimmer does not practice more than 2 days per week and does not participate in any invitational or meet.

 Coaches might put together relays if enough swimmers are available           
        The Devon Crest Novice Meet is usually well attended by Heatherfield swimmers.  It is held exclusively for "novice" swimmers, giving them a chance to shine without having to compete with year-round swimmers.  High point trophies are are awarded to the top 3 teams at the meet.  This is a fun meet and we encourage summer-only swimmers to sign up!  High point trophies are also awarded to the top swimmer in each age group. This meet is open to all ages, and ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 only compete against swimmers their exact age.  (The other age groups are 14&under and 18 &under).   

Willowood Invitational: 
                    Entry Deadline: 
                    Fee: $3 per event
(swimmers may only enter 3 events)
                    Events: same as regular meets (100 free included) but no relays

This meet is open to swimmers of all ages - including 19 and older (there are usually several 30, 40, and even some 50+ year olds who swim!)   

                        Start time: 5pm   
                        Last year it ended at 11pm (sign up for early events if you don't want to stay late)    

        Willowood is one of the more competitive invitationals, generally designed for stronger year-round swimmers.  High point team trophies are awarded here as well.  Participation is encouraged for stronger swimmers as it is a great way to improve your times and gain experience vs. top competition before the championship meets.  Heatherfield has been well represented here in the past.