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You can also email Kristi Stubbe at krististubbe@att.net   if you have questions.

Below is a description of volunteer positions:
Timer:  Uses a stop watch to time swimmers at the start/finish of each race.  
Backup Timer:  Is a backup timer to the timers. There are typically two backup timers each meet, 
if a timer has a problem they simply raise there hand and the backup timer take their place that race. 
Clerk of Course/10 & Under Coordinator: Works with a partner to round up the 10 & under swimmers and 
have them in the staging area prior to their event.  Once in the staging area, coach's will help assist the
 swimmers from there. You will receive a psych sheet with the list of events and the names of all the 
swimmers who are swimming that event.  

Ribbons: Itís as simple as sticking labels with swimmers' names and finish times on the backs of ribbons.

Finish Judge: Stands at the finish of the race and visually determines the order of finish of the swimmers.
Records the finish order on a slip of paper. Once the race is recorded the paper is then handed off to the
runner,  who delivers to the scoring tables
Runner: After the timers record swimmers' times on a sheet of paper and after the Finish Judge records 
the finish order of a heat, the Runner is responsible for quickly collecting all the slips of paper and 
running them to the scoring table.  
Concession Stand: Assists with the set-up, sales and clean-up of the concession stand.  The 1st shift will 
need to be available early, prior to the meet for set-up, while 2nd shift will need to be available to stay 
and help clean up. 
Meet Announcer:  Makes general announcements, announces the race heats which are on-deck and 
which are about to begin.    
Set-up/Clean-up: Duties will vary, but assist in general set-up & clean-up as needed. 

Stroke and Turn Officials:  Advanced training required. 

Referee/Starter:  Advanced training required. 
Hytek/Computer Scoring:  Advanced training required.