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2017 Heatherfield Swim Team Registration info

Registration for 2017 is now closed


Head Coach:       Justin Spitzer          
jcspitzer@yahoo.com          Phone: 517-256-6365 (cell)

Team President:    Dan Corbett
danielcorbett@comcast.net, 877-7890 (cell)

Treasurer:        Suzy Posavec
suzyposavec@aol.com, 574-6733 (cell) 




1. Close-knit team, great family atmosphere

            *We aren’t just a swim team, we’re a big family!   Swimmers return year after year and continue to grow and improve……and all of our coaches are former Heatherfield swimmers, most of them for 10+ years.          

* Heatherfield is a very supportive, family-oriented program with great team spirit and sportsmanship and team-building activities both in and out of the pool.

* We’ve been in the MPSL "A" Division since 2005, including seven  2nd place finishes

 2. Individual attention

            * We have 4 different practice levels (each with their own practice time) based on age/ability, and within each level we separate swimmers further into 2 or more groups.

            * Minimal lane crowding and higher quality practices

            * Large coaching staff (10 assistants) allows for small group and individual instruction.

            * Younger swimmers usually have 1 coach per lane, often with the coach in the water with them

            * We also do 1-on-1 work (or very small group of 4 or less) with swimmers on a rotating basis, using tools such as video recording (both from meets and practices) so swimmers can see (and correct if necessary) both what they are doing well and what they need to improve technique-wise.

            * We regularly work on starts and turns - at least twice a week on average.  
* Again in small groups and often using video.

            * All swimmers are valued and receive coaching attention, not just the best swimmers

 3. Challenging, but balanced, practices

            * Pool practices include both technique instruction and endurance/speed workouts

            * Small practice groups allows us to have workouts that are "just-right" for each level, and avoid the crowded lap swimming that can result if there are too many kids per lane.

            * We work hard, but have a lot of fun too; one of greatest strengths is striking a good balance.  

            * We also offer dry-land workouts 2-3 days a week for older practice levels

 4. Technology

            * Video recording of swimmers at practices and meets, plus showing instructional videos

                        * We have a small room right at the pool where we can do that before/during/after practices
                        * Underwater camera for a unique perspective

            * Digital pace clock - Easier for swimmers to see/read during workouts and track their times & intervals
* Electronic start platform - Straps to top of blocks and connects to start system and digital pace clock
                        - digitally measures swimmer reaction time from "beep" until swimmer leaves the block
                        - great for improving reaction time and also lots of fun!

            * Relay Exchanges - using platform and clock mentioned above, plus touchpad
                        - measures time between one relay swimmer hitting wall and next swimmer leaving block

                        - here's a link to a video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cjKwk7fI9Q

             * Timed Turns - using touchpad and clock, records time from first impact with wall (hands or feet) and                                       feet pushing off

                        -video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1TYiTrzXls


    Notes: 1. To register multiple swimmers: On the "shopping cart" page after you've completed the first 
                    registration, click the link at the top right that says "+ add another registration"

                2. The discount for having multiple swimmers will be reflected in your cart after you enter all of their info.

                3. If you have any difficulty with the online registration process, please contact Justin Spitzer.