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2019 Team Suit ordering

Heatherfield swimsuit orders will be done individually (by family) online. Each family can go to Metro Swim Shop's website - they have a special page set up for our team with our suit/cap options and discounted pricing. They will be shipped directly to you.

 Please see the instructions below for online suit orders. Once on the team page on the Metro site, you'll see several suit options, as well as a custom bag option. Goggles and other gear are not listed on the team page, but you can also order them via Metro's website and include them in your suit order.

 Please note there is no obligation to buy a "team" suit.  Swimmers may wear any legal competition-style suit (one-piece for girls, knee-length jammer for boys) to practices and meets. Our swimmers generally wear a variety of suits, including those from prior years and/or winter teams.

Our online suit ordering allows for three options:

1. Basic suit: Speedo Spark/Splice (blue/black)

- lowest price ($40.75 for boys, $59.75 for girls)

- fine for many swimmers (especially new/young swimmers)

2. Faster suit: Speedo Aquablade (black)
- entry-level "fast suit";  moderately higher price ($58 for boys, $65 for girls)
- less drag than basic suits
- not quite as durable as the basic suit
good choice for those who want an upgrade without a big price increase.
this suit is very stretchy, and you want it to be tight, so most swimmers go 1 size smaller than normal

3. Even Faster: Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 (black)  (kneeskin for girls)

- Fastest suit of the 3
- more expensive ($90 for boys, $120 for girls)
- least durable - should only be worn for meets, and many swimmers only wear them for big dual meets and championship meets
- for those who want one, this is a good price for it
- also want to size down to ensure a tight fit

 4. If you are interested in faster/more expensive suits than these, please contact Rosetta Lilly at rosettalilly@comcast.net.

Click here for sizing charts

Again, there is no obligation to buy a "faster" suit - and in fact no obligation to buy a team suit at all. Swimmers can wear any legal competition style suit they own, regardless of colors.



 Step 1: go to www.metroswimshop.com/heatherfield


Please use your email address as your LoginID.   If you remember your password from last year, please use that to log in.  If you don't, you can register again.  (there isn't a "recover password" option)

 Step 3: Fill out the form, then click "Submit."  The page will then direct you to the portal where you can see the suit and bag options.

 Step 4: Even though the team portal does not list goggles, you can navigate to the main page of the Metro site and order goggles along with your suit(s) if you like.


If you are new to the team, here's more info:

Tighter is faster. Even the "fastest" suit will be "slow" if it is loose. When in doubt, size down. Suit material is stretchy, and they stretch even more when wet and as they get older.  See link above for sizing charts.

Swimsuit care instructions to extend the life of your suit
- rinse immediately after use, in non-chlorinated water;
- do not leave the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container for a long time;
- do not expose the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container to direct sunlight;
- hand washing is best, if machine washed, use delicate cycle and cold water
- you can purchase special chlorine-removal detergent; otherwise use detergent 
suitable for delicate clothes
- air-dry hung up and away from heat sources.
- try to minimize sitting on concrete or rough surfaces while wearing your suit 

Suit Guidelines:

1 piece, tight-fitting nylon/lycra or polyester material, cannot extend beyond shoulders or over/below knees

jammer style (knee-length), tight-fitting nylon/lycra or polyester, cannot extend over/below knees or above waist.